Sunday, March 16, 2014

Addowyn's Blessing

Addowyn's naming and blessing was Sunday, March 2nd. Lots of family was able to come to Emmett for Addowyn's baby blessing. Heston, Nicole, Areyan, Emrey, DeAnna, Emily, Chris, Julia, Becca, Katie, Jacob, Deny, Jenn, Marek, RyAnna, Rett, Dina, Daesha, Drew, Grandpa and Grandma Williams, Grandpa and Grandma Fuhrmann, Wranger. Jesica, and Kolter all made it. Danny was not able to make it, but he had stopped by to visit us two days before. We ate soup and rolls Saturday night at the stake center. After some scheduling stress trying to reserve the downtown building, Bishop Brinkerhoff solved our dilemma and reserved the kitchen/multi-purpose room of the stake center for us. We just needed to be out before 7:00 because of stake baptisms. We had fun visiting with family and the kids had a great time playing in the empty church. The next day Addowyn's naming and blessing went well. She wore her beautiful white dress and was very pleasant for the blessing itself. People had to leave soon after church to make it home, but we were able to visit some more after sacrament meeting. Addowyn is blessed to be part of a great family. 

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