Sunday, July 13, 2014

Daxtyn's Birthday

Daxtyn turned 6 years old in May. He had a Superman insignia on his chocolate cake. We had pizza for dinner and family came over. Daxtyn loves the DC super heroes and he got a DC universe video game (Scribblenauts) and a collection of Justice League action figures. He also got movie tickets and some new super hero clothing. 

This summer Daxtyn's favorite things to ask have been, "What is your favorite DC character?" and "What is your favorite animal?" He then takes the responses and comes up with a new character combination. He also likes to ask people their favorite color. His dad makes him mad by responding with answers like, "the color of sunlight shining through raindrops on windows in the late afternoon". Daxtyn always says, "No, not that kind of color!" His favorite color is blue and he will wear a superman shirt every day he has a clean one.

End of the Year Festivities

The end of the school year is the busiest, most stressful, and most exciting time in our house.  Trevor and I are finalizing lessons, grades, activities etc.  The boys are participating in all of their end of the year activities, testing, field trips, field days, multiplication sundaes, etc. Talvyn's best friend is Dane Madsen and I am so thankful that his mom, Mindy, was able to chaperone them on their field trip to the zoo.  Daxtyn also went to the zoo, but his Grandpa Fuhrmann was able to go with him.  They enjoyed themselves.

Lucky Charm

Talvyn found a four leaf clover.  I have never seen one actually found and picked.  He was pretty happy about it, but I was really excited because I knew that it was a rarity.

They are off!

The boys finally spent part of spring break learning how to ride bikes. I know this is a skill that should have been mastered a long time ago, but we slack in outdoor skills with our children.  Talvyn picked it right up, overcoming his fears.  Daxtyn will not ride without his training wheels still but at least he is up on the bike.  He believed for a long time that pushing the bike around was the same as riding it.

Trevor Turns 40/ Easter Weekend

For Trevor's birthday in April this year, Dana surprised him with a trip to Darlington. Since he was turning 40, she thought something special was in order. The actual birthday was a miserable day of teaching and staying late for conferences, but when the weekend came, we went to Nampa for hamburgers at Red Robin with Wrangler, Jesica, and Kolter. Then, Wrangler drove the whole trip to Darlington so Trevor could relax in the back and read or whatever. For the birthday party the next day there was Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza from Papa Murphy's and chocolate cake. Darrec and Eli and Heston and his family also made it out. It was a nice break from the routine with a visit to a beloved place with visiting with beloved people. The most precious gift was a stack of 40 cards with notes from Dana, Talvyn, and Daxtyn expressing 40 reasons why they loved Trevor.

That same weekend was Easter weekend. The kids had an Easter Egg hunt all over the huge yard and had a blast playing together. They even colored boiled eggs with colored shaving cream. Addowyn's crib for the weekend was a suitcase with a pillow mattress. On Easter morning there were toys and candy and Easter Bunny poop (jelly beans) scattered and hidden all over the house just like Trevor, Heston, and Wrangler remembered from their own days as kids in that house.

Our Beautiful Girl

So, let me take a selfie.

Glamour shots! We think Addowyn is pretty precious and beautiful. At six months Addowyn is very interested in big people food, likes to rock her body back and forth (like her dad used to do), suck her thumb, stick her tongue out, and snuggle her pink blanket from Grandma Williams to go to sleep. Her gastro-esophageal reflux has improved, but she's started teething. She already has two middle bottom teeth.  She still sleeps through the night. People often say that she looks like a doll. She is generally a smiley, happy person and loves attention. She likes to be talked to and played with. Her brothers can make her laugh like no other.  She enjoys time in her exersaucer, making it rock back and forth. She is starting to grow more hair, but still not much. There are reddish tints and pure white hairs mixed in. It is two early to guess hair color, but her eyes are brilliant blue. She still enjoys having her diaper changed - she has liked being clean from the beginning. She also seems to like  clothes and dressing up.  She is certainly more interested than her two older brothers ever were. Her mother always makes sure that she has a cute outfit, including hair band of some sort. On Sundays, it is not uncommon to see mother and daughter matching outfits in one way or another. Lately, she has been making funny faces every time she tries a new food, but then still eats it all. Loud noises tend to bother her. On the first night of a summer volleyball tournament, she couldn't handle the cacophony and cried and cried. But, by the end of the night, she seemed to have become more accustomed and watched an entire set with keen interest. She also smiled and loved the attention of her mother's high school volleyball players. Addowyn also loves to give her mother kisses, but rarely kisses her father (apparently the scratchy whiskers are a deterrent). She has an adorable giggle and sometimes is very talkative in her own way. She also kicks her legs with enthusiasm. Sometimes she just sits in one of her parents' laps and ponders peacefully.  It is scary to watch her grow up so fast. At this writing she is six months old, but looking at the pictures it is amazing to think about how much she has changed in so little time.

Entertaining Addowyn

How life has changed adding Addowyn to the family! The whole family gets in on holding and playing with the baby. Addowyn recognizes and enjoys her family. Addowyn wakes up every morning expecting her brothers to come in to get her to play. Talvyn almost always changes her morning diaper. Her brothers have a tendency to smother her with affection, but she is a good sport about it mostly. What a spoiled baby!

School Awards

School Artwork

Here we have Talvyn and Daxtyn showing off some of their school art work and projects. The policy at our house continues to be take a picture to preserve the memory and then throw away to avoid clutter.

Talvyn's Music Program

Talvyn's third grade music program was an "under the sea" theme. He sang and danced with his classmates. Addowyn slept cozily for most of the show. Daxtyn's kindergarten class was able to skip class and attend too.