Sunday, July 13, 2014

Daxtyn's Birthday

Daxtyn turned 6 years old in May. He had a Superman insignia on his chocolate cake. We had pizza for dinner and family came over. Daxtyn loves the DC super heroes and he got a DC universe video game (Scribblenauts) and a collection of Justice League action figures. He also got movie tickets and some new super hero clothing. 

This summer Daxtyn's favorite things to ask have been, "What is your favorite DC character?" and "What is your favorite animal?" He then takes the responses and comes up with a new character combination. He also likes to ask people their favorite color. His dad makes him mad by responding with answers like, "the color of sunlight shining through raindrops on windows in the late afternoon". Daxtyn always says, "No, not that kind of color!" His favorite color is blue and he will wear a superman shirt every day he has a clean one.

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'T' said...

I always love to read your updates! xx