Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our Beautiful Girl

So, let me take a selfie.

Glamour shots! We think Addowyn is pretty precious and beautiful. At six months Addowyn is very interested in big people food, likes to rock her body back and forth (like her dad used to do), suck her thumb, stick her tongue out, and snuggle her pink blanket from Grandma Williams to go to sleep. Her gastro-esophageal reflux has improved, but she's started teething. She already has two middle bottom teeth.  She still sleeps through the night. People often say that she looks like a doll. She is generally a smiley, happy person and loves attention. She likes to be talked to and played with. Her brothers can make her laugh like no other.  She enjoys time in her exersaucer, making it rock back and forth. She is starting to grow more hair, but still not much. There are reddish tints and pure white hairs mixed in. It is two early to guess hair color, but her eyes are brilliant blue. She still enjoys having her diaper changed - she has liked being clean from the beginning. She also seems to like  clothes and dressing up.  She is certainly more interested than her two older brothers ever were. Her mother always makes sure that she has a cute outfit, including hair band of some sort. On Sundays, it is not uncommon to see mother and daughter matching outfits in one way or another. Lately, she has been making funny faces every time she tries a new food, but then still eats it all. Loud noises tend to bother her. On the first night of a summer volleyball tournament, she couldn't handle the cacophony and cried and cried. But, by the end of the night, she seemed to have become more accustomed and watched an entire set with keen interest. She also smiled and loved the attention of her mother's high school volleyball players. Addowyn also loves to give her mother kisses, but rarely kisses her father (apparently the scratchy whiskers are a deterrent). She has an adorable giggle and sometimes is very talkative in her own way. She also kicks her legs with enthusiasm. Sometimes she just sits in one of her parents' laps and ponders peacefully.  It is scary to watch her grow up so fast. At this writing she is six months old, but looking at the pictures it is amazing to think about how much she has changed in so little time.

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