Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trevor Turns 40/ Easter Weekend

For Trevor's birthday in April this year, Dana surprised him with a trip to Darlington. Since he was turning 40, she thought something special was in order. The actual birthday was a miserable day of teaching and staying late for conferences, but when the weekend came, we went to Nampa for hamburgers at Red Robin with Wrangler, Jesica, and Kolter. Then, Wrangler drove the whole trip to Darlington so Trevor could relax in the back and read or whatever. For the birthday party the next day there was Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza from Papa Murphy's and chocolate cake. Darrec and Eli and Heston and his family also made it out. It was a nice break from the routine with a visit to a beloved place with visiting with beloved people. The most precious gift was a stack of 40 cards with notes from Dana, Talvyn, and Daxtyn expressing 40 reasons why they loved Trevor.

That same weekend was Easter weekend. The kids had an Easter Egg hunt all over the huge yard and had a blast playing together. They even colored boiled eggs with colored shaving cream. Addowyn's crib for the weekend was a suitcase with a pillow mattress. On Easter morning there were toys and candy and Easter Bunny poop (jelly beans) scattered and hidden all over the house just like Trevor, Heston, and Wrangler remembered from their own days as kids in that house.

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