Monday, December 29, 2014

Disneyland Day 1

The Autobon was our first ride of Disneyland.  Thank goodness for kids swap passes, so the kids got to go two times in a row.

Stood in line forever to see this famous mouse, and then when we finally get there, Talvyn and Daxtyn refuse to stand close for a picture. There was no way Dana and I were going let all that time sweating in a crowded line go to waste, so we jumped up next to Mickey with Addowyn and got this photo! 

The first day of Disneyland was hectic, hot, and we weren't too happy. The lines were long and the crowds thick. Being first timers to the park, and left to our own devices by those more experienced and with older children, we almost decided that Disneyland just wasn't all that magical. But, there were some redeeming moments. Stopping to watch the parade at the end of the afternoon was fun and demonstrated the pageantry that had seemed to be missing all day.  Hey, there were dancing girls! Maybe we would return the next day after all.

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